Android Notification Icon Assets

To make sure that your notification icons show up properly on API 21+ you should use Android Asset Studio to process, and create the needed resolutions for the icon.

Click on the Notification icon generator tool, and you will see this screen:


Drag your notification icon onto the page, and set the name (bottom left) to the value you use for io_teak_small_notification_icon, then click on the Download Zip button in the top right corner.

For this example the name of the icon is icon_white

The zip file should contain:

  • drawable-mdpi/icon_white.png
  • drawable-hdpi/icon_white.png
  • drawable-xhdpi/icon_white.png
  • drawable-xxhdpi/icon_white.png
  • drawable-xxxhdpi/icon_white.png

Copy all of these directories into your res/ directory. Your Android app should now have:

  • res/drawable-mdpi/icon_white.png
  • res/drawable-hdpi/icon_white.png
  • res/drawable-xhdpi/icon_white.png
  • res/drawable-xxhdpi/icon_white.png
  • res/drawable-xxxhdpi/icon_white.png

This notification icon would be specified in res/values-v21/teak.xml as:

<drawable name="io_teak_small_notification_icon">@drawable/icon_white</drawable>